March 3rd Sample Ballot and Polling Locations

 The Cass County Clerk office has released a sample ballot and polling locations for the March 3rd Primary. Early voting begins Tuesday, February 18. Anyone can vote early in person. Early voting locations: Linden at the Cass County Voting Building, 227 E. Rush Street and Atlanta at the Atlanta ISD Administration building, 106 W, Main Street. If you are 65 or older, disabled, or if you will be out of the county during early voting and election day, you can vote by mail. Contact our office at 903 756 5071 for details on voting by mail.
This is a primary election, therefore, you must choose which party you want to vote for. These are non-binding, meaning that they do not create any laws. These propositions are a way for the parties to poll voters on possible legislation and to find out where the voters stand on certain issues.
SAMPLE BALLOTS:…/2020%20…/SampleBallotCass2020.pdf
POLLING LOCATIONS:…/Polling%20Locations%20C…