A Good Ribbing

June 14, 2020 KAQC TV 0

In the South, the only thing you can say that’s considered bigger fightin’ words than, “Why didn’t you put beans in your chili?” is to […]

Catch The Wave

May 30, 2020 KAQC TV 0

The yards had been mostly vacant on the street around the corner from our house, save for the tricycles, small bikes, and other toddler transportation. […]

Dave Says

May 29, 2020 KAQC TV 0

Dear Dave, A good friend of mine passed away recently. In his will, he left me a couple of items and some money, and I’d […]

I miss Paul Harvey

May 25, 2020 KAQC TV 0

Rush Limbaugh single handedly revived AM radio. In 1988, his syndicated talk show brought people back to a place they had left for the FM […]

Know What I Mean

May 18, 2020 KAQC TV 0

When we think of someone becoming an instant sensation, we think of the Internet. But long before AOL offered floppy disks and dial-up through an […]