His Name is Charlie

August 23, 2020 KAQC TV 0

Charlie is 7. Part Basset and part Beagle; he was placed in an animal shelter. Not once, but twice. That means he went through three […]

The Swimming Whole

August 5, 2020 KAQC TV 0

In the summer, all of the kids went swimming. We didn’t have video games or movies on demand. We had a bathing suit, a designated […]

No Image


July 26, 2020 KAQC TV 0

It seemed at the time that my senior year in high school was busy – and tumultuous. That’s because it was. When some of my […]

Measure Up

July 4, 2020 KAQC TV 0

I remember it as clearly as yesterday. There it was in my Weekly Reader: “By the year 2000, the United States and the rest of […]