Atlanta Cheerleaders First in Texas.

The Atlanta Varsity Cheerleaders placed 1st in the state of Texas for the UIL SPIRIT Crowd Leading Division.

On Thursday, January 16th at the Fort Worth Convention Center, 70 Texas 3A Cheer Squads competed in the preliminary round and only 20 squads advanced to the finals round. For the 5th consecutive year, the Atlanta High School Cheerleaders are UIL Spirit State Finalists and placed 9th overall in the UIL Spirit 3A State Championship.

Spirit is an extracurricular activity that focuses on the traditional game day role cheerleaders have on the sidelines and in schools supporting athletic teams. At the UIL Spirit State Championships, schools compete in three categories: crowd leading, fight song, and band dance.

Senior Cheerleaders – Jaquavius Allen, Hannah Highland, Madelynn Howard, Emmie Rushing, Dani Arredondo, India Cooper, Jaiden Stroman, Chloe Sherman, & Candace Nuckels
Junior Cheerleaders – Helena Green, Callie Dyer, & Aubrey Anthony
Sophomore Cheerleaders – Maggie Johnson, Emma Garrison, Brooklynn Howard, Sydney Swanson, Haley Sanford, Kadence Kesterson, & Hallie Woodruff
Renee Rosser – Varsity Cheer Coach
Whitney Adams – Assistant Varsity Cheer Coach
Elaine Johnson – JV Cheer Coach